GREGORIOS V, The martyr Patriarch

A deluxe musical edition for the bicentennial of the Greek War of Independence.

TROPOS Byzantine Choir’s release of “Gregorios V – The martyr Patriarch” celebrates the bicentennial of the Greek War of Independence.

The 120-page book of the deluxe bilingual edition, with plenty of colour photo material, is prefaced by the Metropolitan of Gortyna and Megalopolis Ieremias, the Mayor of Gortyna Eustathios Koulis, and Archimandrite Ananias Coustenes.

Constantinos Angelidis, Protopsaltes and Master of the Psaltic Art, performs chants from the service of Saint Gregorios; the recording features John Plemmenos, Research Fellow of Hellenic Folklore, Academy of Athens.

Saint Gregorios was devoted to God and to the Greek people, who were oppressed by the Ottomans, and he felt compassion for the suffering of all people. He was indeed a blaze, a breath of fresh air, a helper and an attendant to everybody in need. The fact that his homeland was occupied by the Turks was a burden and an endless source of suffering him…Gregorios was indeed a holy person. He was the soul of the Greek nation. He was the head of the Church, the head of all Greeks.” (Excerpt from the foreword by Arcimandrite Ananias Coustenes)


Short bio of the “TROPOS” byzantine choir

The Choir was founded by Constantinos Ath. Angelidis and his associates in late 2005 with the aim to study and promote age-old byzantine music.

The Tropos Byzantine Choir has performed at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus (performances organized by the Athens and Epidaurus Festival), at the National Opera of Greece, at the Athens Concert Hall (Megaron), where it held seven concerts in collaboration with the Music Ensembles of the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation, as well as in other Greek cities.

Of utmost importance has been the cooperation with the musician Julien Jâlal Eddine Weiss and the Al-Kindi Ensemble, with Unesco Artist for Peace Kudsi Erguner, with a number of Turkish singers of religious music, and with Socrates Sinopoulos as well.

The Choir has also participated in joint worship services with the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomaios, Patriarch Theophilos of Jerusalem, Patriarch Cyril of Moscow, Archbishop Chrysostomos of Cyprus, Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens and All Greece, and Archbishop Damianos of Sinai, in long-lasting vigils at various monasteries of Mount Athos, such as the monasteries of the Vatopaidion, the Docheiarion and the Simonos Petra.

In its 16-year long activity, the Choir has travelled to 19 countries bringing into the foreground the Greek music culture and the psaltic art.

The Choir has recorded 29 CDs which are a reference point for our rich musical heritage as they feature a rich body of unpublished works by great composers from Constantinople and Mount Athos from the thirteenth century to the present.

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