The Holy Mountain of Athos, Synaxis of Athonite Fathers

Two CDs with humns from the sequence of the Athonite Fathers

The Centre for Studies of the Cantor’s Art – TROPOS Byzantine Choir in the present publication – its fifth – is attempting once more to draw attention to our Byzantine musical culture.

This publication includes chants from the liturgical sequence for the Holy and God-bearing Fathers who shone forth on the Holy Mountain of Athos in the least of efforts to honour “the teachers, Monastics, those in the world, Hierarchs, and Athletes, with the confessors, Pastors and Holy Ones, the hosts of the Monks … ” who followed the ascetic life and strove in the Garden of Our Lady, preserving undeviatingly the Orthodox traditions and doctrines, in many cases sacrificing even their life itself.

We would like to express our special thanks to the Most Reverend Nikolaos, Metropolitan of Mesoghaia and Lavreotike for his foreword, with its wealth of meaning, to the present publication, as well as to Messrs Ioannis Papachronis and Ioannis Hasanidis for their valuable contribution in terms of the cantor’s art.

Our heartfelt thanks go to all those who have helped in the present endeavour and have, in general, supported us in achieving our aim: the promotion of our Byzantine musical tradition.

On behalf of the Board of Management and the members

Christos Tsallos
President of the Board

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